DM & DMT Series


These are the pumps designed for discharging particle containing fluids and drainage waters that may occur in residences and industrial facilities.

• Oiled solid surface double mechanical seal provides reliable tightness.
• It is delivered with a 10 m H07 RN-F type power cable.
• It has the sledge system option which provides ease of maintenance and installation.

Pump Body Cast Iron
Impeller Cast Iron
Mechanical Seal Double seal with oil barrier: silicon carbide on pump side, ceramic-graphite on motor side
Shaft AISI 304 - Stainless Steel
Max. Flow Rate 180 m³/h
Max. Head 35 mSS
Max. Solid Particle Permeability 50mm
Max. Immersion Depth 20m
Temperature of Pumped Liquid 0-40 ˚C