Today, sustainability of comfort and minimum energy consumption constitute the main mentality in modern buildings. ETNA, which has the mission to produce environmentally-friendly products with high energy efficiency, offer complete solutions on building techniques with its more than 35 years R&D, production and implementation experience.

Priority of Energy Efficiency in Circulation Systems

ETNA offers ecocirc BASIC & ecocirc PREMIUM, ecocirc XL & ecocirc XLplus series wet rotor, EILR FK series IE2 (preferably IE3) engine dry rotor circulation pumps in line with ErP directive (environmentally-friendly design) in this segment, and thus aims to maximize energy efficiency.

Variety and High Quality in Waste Water & Drainage Systems

ETNA provides wide range of solutions from rain water discharge to cesspool water discharge with its rich drainage pump (DM, DV, DC, DTRT etc.) series.

Standard Comfort with Frequency Controlled Water Booster Systems

Two of the main expectations at consumption points such as residential, commercial units are uninterrupted water supply and consistent water pressure. ETNA fulfill the expectation of comfort with its durable, fully stainless steel, frequency controlled water booster systems, supplies water without interruption at a constant pressure and minimizes operational expenses.

Professional Solutions for Fire Pumps

Fire regulations require the use of fire pumps in line with TS EN 12845+A2 in all buildings. ETNA adopted the mission of raising awareness regarding this legal TS EN 12845+A2 obligation and carries out sectoral communications within this scope. Moreover, we also manufacture fire pumps in line with NFPA 20 that is the international equivalent of TS EN 12845+A2.

● Residential packaged water booster systems that you can comfortably and reliably use in villas, flats, commercial buildings etc. for years

● Complete solution with high energy efficiency products regarding building mechanic

● Professional fire pump solutions in line with TS EN 12845+A2 standard and NFPA 20 norm