Residential Fire Pump

Water Boosters with Residential Alarm Kits Y-KO Series


• Applicable for fire-fighting systems of residential buildings such as houses and blocks of apartments etc.

• The general practice in Turkey according to the fire regulation requires storage of water sufficient for minimum 1 (one) hour until the fire brigade accesses the location of fire; and minimum 2 (two) fire cabinets in the building are required to be active and functional. According to the provisions of the regulation on protecting buildings from fire, each fire cabinet is required to have 100 lt/min. flow rate, and the last fire hose nozzle is to have 40 mSS (4bar) pressure. The fire water booster systems which satisfy this quality are chosen in general to satisfy the hydraulic levels of 2X12 m³/h & 80-90 mSS

Pump Body and Shaft AISI 304 - Stainless Steel
Impeller and Diffusers Noryl
Mechanical Seal Carbon/Ceramic/NBR
Inle-Outlet Body Cast Iron (GG25)/ Bronze(optional)
Dry Running Protection Protection with special bronze bedding resistant to dry running and 5 m long level floater
Protection-Control Panel Voice & light alarm panel with full-automatic weekly test system
Collectors Suction and lift collector is offered as a standard