End Suction Pumps

EA Series


High efficiency horizontal single stage end suction pumps complying with DIN EN 733.

End suction pumps with long service life and ease of maintenance;
• HVAC systems
• Heat recovery
• Fire pump systems
• Irrigation
• Greenhouse water supply
• Transfer of moderately aggressive liquids
• Water treatment
• Used in various OEM applications

Fluid Property
• Clean, non-hard, non-viscose, chemically neutral water that is free of solid abrasive particles
• The maximum glycol ratio that can be added to the circulation water is 30%.

Pump Body GG25 - Cast Iron
Shaft AISI 420 - Stainless Steel
Impeller GG25- Cast Iron ( ops. CuSn7 Bronze)
Adapter GG25 - Cast Iron
Mechanical Seal Carbon / Silicone / Carbide
Max. Flow Rate 480 m³/h
Max. Head 155 mwc
Engine Speed 2900 rpm (50 Hz), 1450 rpm (50 Hz)
Connection DN 32 - DN 100
Power 0.25 kW - 160 kW
Max. Operating Pressure 16 bar
Max. Ambient Temperature 40°C
Temperature of Pumped Liquid -10°C ÷ +120°C
Protection Class IP44
Insulation Class Class F