UL Listed and FM Approved Fire Pump Systems

UL Listed and FM Approved Fire Pump Systems


US-based Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent product safety certification body that sets standards for product reliability and tests the reliability of materials, products, structures, facilities, processes or systems based on these standards. UL offers test and certification services to its customers with its 170 laboratories located in 125 countries.

Founded in 1835, the US-based FM Global (Factory Mutual Insurance Company) is an international insurance company that provides title insurance and risk management solutions. a product or service complies with the standards of FM Approvals, then the product is marked with “FM APPROVED”. A total of 45,000 types products and systems have been certified by FM so far, and these products are published in FM Approval Guide at www.approvalguide.com, which is the official website of FM.

ETNA has UL448 and FM1319 certificates for its end suction EA series centrifugal pumps; it can meet the fire pump demands in the 500/750/1000 gpm flow rate and 112-195 psi pressure range as UL listed and FM approved. In ESC series split case pumps, it has UL448 “Standard for Centrifugal Stationary Pumps for Fire- Protection Service” approval in the range of 500 – 2000 gpm flow rate and 80-288 psi pressure range.

Pump Body GGG40
Impeller Bronze (CuSn10)
Shaft AISI 420
Sealing Soft Seal
Bearing Long-Lasting, Greased, Closed Type
Capacity (GPM) 500/750/1000 gpm
Net Pressure Range (psi) 119-195 psi