Dry Rotor Circulating Pumps



With EILR & EILR-HF series in-line dry rotor circulating pumps, keep the comfort and the energy efficiency at the highest level

• Direct connection to the installation with in-line connection (inlet and outlet on the same line)

• Used in cold & hot water circulation cycles of domestic and industrial heating & cooling, air-conditioning, and plumbing.

Fluid Property

• Clean, non-hard, non-viscose, chemically neutral water that is free of solid abrasive particles

• The maximum glycol ratio that can be added to the circulation water is 30%.

Pump Body GG25 Cast Iron
Shaft AISI 420 - Stainless Steel
Impeller GG25 Cast Iron
Adapter GG25 Cast Iron
Mechanical Seal Carbon / Silicium Carbide / EPDM
Support Body GG25 Cast Iron
Elastomers EPDM
Max. Flow Rate 280 m³/h
Max. Head 103 mwc
Motor Speed 975 rpm (50 Hz), 2900 rpm (50 Hz), 1450 rpm (50 Hz)
Connection Flanges DN 40 – DN 125
Power 0.25 kW - 45 kW
Maximum working pressure 16 bar
Max. Ambient Temperature 40°C
Temperature of Pumped Liquid -10 ÷ +130°C
Protection Class IP55
Insulation Class Class F