KI Series


Fully Stainless Steel Water Booster Systems

Maximize comfort and energy efficiency with fully stainless steel TKI & T-KIF series water booster systems.

Fields of Use
Where high pressure water supply is required;
• Building blocks etc. high-rise building applications.
• Ultra filtration, reverse osmosis etc. pressured water requiring treatment systems.
• Washing, cleaning processes, fire fighting etc. industrial systems

Pump Body AISI 304-Stainless Steel
Fan and Diffusers AISI 304-Stainless Steel
Inlet - Outlet Body AISI 304-Stainless Steel
Shaft AISI 304-Stainless Steel
Mechanical Seal Carbon - Ceramic Silicon Carbide
Liquid Temperature 0-40°C
Maximum Flow 4x36 m3/h
Maximum Pressure 160mSS
Pump Number Standard production up to 3 pumps