Fire Fighting Systems

Firefighting is an essential and integral part of the building technologies. Fire pumps are the core of water extinguisher systems in all buildings, from industrial facilities to residences, schools to hospitals, airports to shopping centers.

Automatic sprinkler systems are the equipment keeping the fire under control and providing people with a space of escape until the response of the Fire Department in case of fire. Fire pumps are at the heart of the sprinkler systems. As compared to other pump types, fire pumps are devices that are waiting in the standby and used in the case of fire. Therefore, in case of a potential fire, the system should be operational to meet the water requirement, and weekly tests and periodic maintenance should be carried out by the authorized persons.

Firefighting systems in the buildings should be designed in accordance with the standards and regulations at the project phase and the relevant components should be determined accordingly.

The standards and the regulations primarily aim to ensure maximum safety of life and property. In this aspect, the global standards which we aim legislation unity also serve as a reference for us.

ETNA manufactures fire pumps complying with both EN 12845 and NFPA 20 in order to fulfill national and international requirements. Experienced in pump business for more than 35 years with an expert sales team as well as a highly qualified engineering team, ETNA is also a member of NFPA since 2013.