Wet Rotor Circulating Pumps

ECP 32 Series


Frequency controlled pumps that are suitable to use on HVAC systems to circulate water. The pumps are complying Ecodesign ErP- 2009/125/EC regulation and the energy efficiency index value is lower than 0.23. (EEI<0.23)

Easy Installation and Commissioning: Thanks to advanced technology and user friendly adjustment screen. The pump comes with factory settings and the end user do not need additional adjustment generally.

High comfort : Low running noise

Low Energy Consumption: The new generation frequency controlled circulation pumps have lower energy consumption than 3-speed conventional circulators.

Maximum Flow 9,0 m3/h
Maximum Head 10,0 mwc
Pump Lenght 180 mm
Union Diameter 2
Pipe Diameter 1 1/4