Fire Pumps in Complying with EN 12845 Standard


Accepted and applied by CEN (European Committee for Standardization) member countries.

Pump Body Back pull-out design
Pump Body Material GGG25, GGG40 or AISI304
Shaft AISI420 Stainless Steel
Sealing Mechanical seal or soft packing (5 row)
Coupling Connection Spacer coupling
Impeller GGG25, AISI304 or bronze
Closed Valve Pressure 125% of the nominal pressure
Maximum Load The pressure when the flow rate increases to 140% should not be less than 70% of the nominal pressure
Back Up In two-pump systems, each pump should ensure predefined flow rate and pressure alone. It can be selected in a manner to cover 50% of each pump's nominal flow rate on the systems with three pumps
Suction Line Water Flow Rate Flow rate is 1.8m/s in positive suction and 1.5 m/s in negative suction