Residential Fire Pump

Water Boosters with Residential Alarm Kits Y-KO + Diesel(Vertical) Series



Residential water booster system for fire with alternative power supply (diesel) in case of power cut. Applicable for fire-fighting systems of residential buildings such as houses and blocks of apartments etc.

The main pump becomes activated when the pressure of the system drops. Diesel engine pump is automatically activated when the power is cut or the water demand increases.

• Applicable for houses and blocks of apartments with fire cabinets only.

• An automatic weekly test system is available.

Diesel Driven Pump 7,5 HP 3600 rpm air-cooled engine
Diesel Motor Starting with rope (manuel)/ electric self –starter start/stop
Diesel Fuel tank 14lt
Diesel Pump Body Cast Iron
Diesel Pump Impeller Aluminum
Flow Rate - Head 12 m³/h- 65mSS
Inle-Outlet Diameter 2
Voltage 380V – 50 Hz Three-Phase